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This website is a Petition. It is a display of public opposition to excessive federal restrictions on public land. If you want to help reign in overzealous federal agencies, end abuse of administrative rulemaking authority, clean up the Senate confirmation process, and protect a 2nd Amendment Club against federal abuse, you should sign our Petition!

How to sign this Petition: click the Sign It button, fill out the form, and pay two dollars. You can choose how your name or initials appear on the Petition. It costs two dollars because free online petitions fill up with fake names, and because effective political influence requires a little money. 

In 2023, the BLM invented a new internal Land Rule that changed its mission from "multiple-use sustained-yield" to "conservation first!"

Also, BLM added pointless restrictions to the Powder River Sportsmen's Club (PRSC) lease.

This website is a Petition started by PRSC members to push back against irrational federal restrictions on land use. To push back against BLM.

If enough people sign the Petition, it will send a strong message to Congress and government agencies: stop overreach, stop abusing administrative power, stop appointing zealots to head government agencies, and stop trying to restrict every inch of public land. 

Our Petition asks Congress to impeach the BLM Director, withdraw the new BLM Land Rule, and give PRSC its shooting range.

These are rational, justifiable, and achievable objectives:

It is a good idea to call your elected representatives, go to local grassroots meetings, and submit public comments to government agencies.
It is also a good idea to Petition your government for redress of grievances. (1st Amendment, right?)
This Petition is quick and easy. The cost is very low because our goal is numbers, not money.
If enough people sign, this Petition will definitely make an impact. We all need to start making an impact. Our country is in trouble.

If you want more information, all of the details are on this website. 

If you ranch, mine, off-road, hunt, fish, hike, camp, or ride on America's public lands, or if you want to uphold constitutional Separation of Powers, you should join us.

fixBLM is transparent: Board  --  Mission  --  Financial  --  Bylaws.